Hi, I’m James


My name is James Hart. I'm a software engineer from Seattle 🌧 who used to live in San Francisco 🌁 and is now living and working remotely in Seattle 🌤. I like to build web applications that are performant, scalable and well tested.

I'm currently the technical leader of the product team at Voom Flights, an Airbus Company. Previously, I helped build and grow Wanelo and before that RPX Corp. My native habitat is Rails and a terminal shell, but I have experience on a variety of other platforms. I've done a lot with front-end libraries and frameworks. I value testing, developer process, and automation. I also like dining out and cooking, scootering and running.


You can reach me at hi@hjhart.com.

You can find me on the interwebs on GitHub, LinkedIn, as well as Instagram and Reddit.




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