Below you'll find some screencasts and screenshots of the project. Click on the thumbnails below to view more. If you have any further questions on the project, feel free to contact me.

eBay Analyst

Technologies Used PHP5 (custom built application, ground up), MySQL, eBay API, AERS API, Amazon Product Advertising API (for product information and reviews), jQuery, Open Flash Chart 2, cron jobs to grab eBay prices weekly
End result Finished the project to be fully self-functioning and bug-free. I presented my project at a yearly convention with a posterboard. I received a 4.0 in the class. The website is currently offline.
Survey Questionnaire was given (n = 41) at the beginning of the process to determine what sort of interest people have in this product, and what functionality they would like to have within it. A project plan was built around that.
Weekly Reports To keep TAs and instructor informed as to how I was doing, we filed a weekly report and had a half-hour meeting every Tuesday.