Below you'll find some screencasts and screenshots of the project. Click on the thumbnails below to view more. If you have any further questions on the project, feel free to contact me.

Technologies Used PHP 5.2.x (CMS built ground-up), MySQL, jQuery, Twitter API, jQuery UI, Photoshop (for designing the website), jHtmlArea, Colorbox, TableSorter, PHP Thumbnailer
Triathlete's System Triathlete's have very specialized needs for data entry. Currently, there really is no triathlete tracking system. This one allows the user to enter in events quickly and easily, and after having run that event enter the results. Events can be added as standard lengths or can be custom entered. Similarly, if the triathlete is only running a marathon, they can deselect biking and swimming and log the event as just a marathon. The distances can be added as either miles or kilometers. After the results are entered, they are displayed in a way that is familiar to most. For swimming, the 100 meter time. For running, the mile time, and for biking, the result is calculated to miles per hour.
End Result I am currently closing this project up, and the relationship remains strong between Damon and I.