Check out some of my most recent projects, or also into the distant past. If you want to find out more about a particular project, make sure to click "More Details."

Washington Green Schools

Washington Green Schools Screenshot

Washington Green Schools is a voluntary, web-based program that schools can use to reduce its environmental and carbon footprint. The program provides resources and tools to involve your school community in assessing the current status of your campus and taking action in the following categories: Energy Efficiency, Recycling & Waste Reduction, Toxics Reduction & Indoor Air Quality, Transportation & Outdoor Air Quality, Water Quality & Conservation

Craigslist Sorter


Harnessing the power of the firefox plugin Greasemonkey, I've produced a script that processes any craigslist apartment listing by looking at the total cost, the number of bedrooms, and divides the two to determine the cost per person.

A Game of Probability

A Game of Probability Screenshot

The rules of the game are simple. Flip cards until you flip over a joker. Getting a spot on the high score board? Not so simple. Give this game of probability a chance and have your go at reaching the leaderboards.


Greenroads is a sustainability metric for paving roads. Project managers can determine their progress towards obtaining greenroads certification based an online point system. I helped WebKey custom-build the robust web application and we also performed usability testing in order to make the project as easy to use as possible.

Damon Barnett

Damon Barnett

Damon Barnett is a professional triathlete looking for a simple content management system for keeping his users updated on his career progress. We custom built a CMS for updating his events, blogs, event results, and sponsors. A commenting and tagging system allow for categorization and a robust browsing system.

eBay Analyst

Ebay Analyst

eBay Analyst was a project I worked on for my culminating project at the University of Washington as an informatics major. Over the course of a 10 week period I designed, developed and managed the project completely individually. This web application grabs data from eBay and Amazon for popular consumer products to analyze prices, popularity, and trends on the internet. Data is then analyzed and placed onto a product page where a user can view graphs, prices, reviews, and even set up alerts for individual products. Click "more details" to see some screencasts of the website in action.

Richard Conlin

Richard Conlin

Richard Conlin has been the Seattle City Council President since November 2009. Webkey did his website, and we were happy to help him out during election time. He is known as the "most powerful politician in Seattle." We implemented our CMS into his workflow and implemented a contribution page that allowed him to receive credit card payments from supporters during his election.

Carso's Pasta

Carso's Pasta

Carso's Pasta is Seattle's oldest family-run pasta shop. They needed a simple website, based on static content. I was able to design and develop this website with four pages, home, two product pages (wholesale and retail) and a contact form to be used for ordering and other questions.